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IT, Networks and Telecommunications Technician

The IT, Networks and Telecommunications Technician Project trains experts with the capacity to work in an interdisciplinary manner, in the arranging and its board ventures and new advances, present in the public and global market that are applied to the gainful framework and administrations for the improvement of examination and innovation. The degree will grow new lines of examination coordinated towards the innovative open and instructive framework.

Proficient profile

Toward the finish of the certificate, the graduate of Computer Science, Networks and Telecommunications

should have the option to:

Tackling numerical issues that may emerge on Algebra, Calculus, Numerical strategies and Statistics.

Fundamental ideas of discrete arithmetic, rationale, calculations, computational multifaceted nature and its application for the programmed handling of data through PC frameworks and for tackling designing issues.

Essential information about the utilization and programming of PCs, working frameworks, information bases and PC programs with application in T&C.

The structure, activity and interconnection of PC frameworks, just as the basics of their programming.

Actual establishments of processing.

The organization, institutional and lawful structure of the organization. Association and the board of organizations

PC applications and frameworks, guaranteeing their dependability, security and quality, as per moral standards and current enactment and guidelines.

Internet and its applications.

Organization Technologies, especially those dependent on TCP/IP.

Illustrations and media advances.

Inserted frameworks.

Electronic and advanced frameworks.

Social information bases.

Item situated programming.

The utilization of complex APIs (application software engineer interfaces).

Human-machine collaboration.

Security and cryptography.

PC application spaces.

Techniques and advancement devices, IS (Information Systems), SGBD (Database Management Systems) and devices for robotization.

Programming and undertaking the board

The board and misuse of data advancements

Advancement, Administration and execution of PC frameworks.

Plan, creation and usage of electronic frameworks.

Information, data and information the executives frameworks.

Circulated frameworks open by means of the Internet or cell phones.

Ongoing and electronic-mechanical control frameworks with adaptation to non-critical failure and sign preparing.

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