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Telecommunications Technical Engineer

The technical engineer in telecommunications, gaining practical experience in telematics, is a specialist prepared in the transmission of a computerized data (voice, pictures, information, and so forth) between PCs through organizations and by various methods (radio, link, fiber optic , and so on)

Our understudies have the occasion to learn hypothetical and commonsense parts of the substance of the subjects, not just in the labs that are in the Higher Polytechnic School of Alcoy, yet additionally in regular circumstances, for example, the examination of the proposals of administrations, gear, advancements , and so forth, which, alluding to telecommunications, are constantly introduced in any correspondence medium.

Professional skills

It is a profoundly solidified degree inside the system of technical engineering educated at our School. As telecommunications technician engineers they have a wide professional vocation as experts in programming, information transmission, PC organizations, computerized hardware, correspondence organizations, PC design, correspondence hypothesis, teletraffic, correspondence network the board, gear and frameworks. interconnection, transmission media, interchanges gadgets, radio correspondences, optical correspondences, modern correspondences or telematic administrations.

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