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What is a Request Jar ?

What is a Request Jar ?

Breaking the boundary of associating unrecorded music fans and entertainers. An across the board music stage which reclassifies the manner in which artists and fans impart, work together, and procure all the while.

The new and better way music fans connect with unrecorded music entertainers. It's the least demanding method for tracking down unrecorded music, requesting melodies, and tip entertainers. Request Jar is where Melody Requests converge with the Tip Jar! This ideal computerized combination is Request Jar the world's most intelligent tip


For Entertainers

The Request Jar was intended for yourself and gigging just got significantly simpler! Make a free entertainer profile and fabricate your fan base. Sell stock, acknowledge tips, and make your melody records so your fans can without much of a stretch and helpfully request tunes and tip you. Get and follow your tip income from one gig to another, melody to tune. Request Jar does everything except play your instrument. Get your free JAR ID. Make your record and fan page and get to every one of the free devices. There are no base or repeating expenses.

For Supporters

Encountering unrecorded music is magnificent yet finding it very well may be a test. Request Jar permits you to handily find unrecorded music at a neighborhood setting or entertainers streaming on the web. You can without much of a stretch sort and channel by kind, execution time, and distance in the event that you are searching for neighborhood entertainers. Our inventive innovation permits you to Request melodies from your telephone, tip the entertainer, send private messages, visit with different fans and significantly more! Never miss one more live execution by your craftsmen and entertainers.

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Address: 187 E. Warm Springs Rd. Suite B208 Las Vegas, NV 89119

Phone: 702-623-0985

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