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Protecting FCA Vulnerable Customers: What Financial Providers Need to Know

The Importance of Protecting FCA Vulnerable Customers

Fca vulnerable customers are an important group that requires additional protection from financial providers. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has defined five categories of vulnerable customers, including elderly customers, those with mental health conditions, customers with learning disabilities, customers in debt, and those in vulnerable life circumstances. This article will explore the responsibilities of financial providers in protecting these customers.

The Responsibilities of Financial Providers

Identification of vulnerable customers Providing accessible information and communication Offering fair and appropriate products and services Providing support during complaints and disputes Protecting against financial abuse.


Financial providers have a responsibility to protect FCA vulnerable customers by identifying and supporting them effectively. By offering fair and appropriate products and services, providing accessible information and communication, and protecting against financial abuse, providers can ensure they are treating their customers fairly and meeting regulatory requirements. Providers must also ensure that their staff have the necessary training and resources to identify and support vulnerable customers.fca_vulnerable_customers1

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