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The Computer Science careers react to a direction towards systems the executives in organizations with a solid spotlight on Software Engineering, Information Security and Intelligent Systems. Its graduates are prepared in both conventional and explicit or technical abilities that guarantee the important information to perform, not just in the various territories of Information Technology, yet in addition in the progressive phases of expert profession development.

The educational plan is forever refreshed, consolidating the subjects of the best in class in the claim to fame and permitting the investigation of explicit subjects of computer science from the principal year (Computer Architecture and Programming I).

In the functional exercises, instances of genuine circumstances in the business world are tended to, giving a reasonable equilibrium the hypothetical preparing, moving from circumstances in the main years closer to the issues of utilization development and getting to in the last ones to others all the more authoritative with the administration IT ventures in a far reaching way.

Toward the finish of the third year of the certificate, the understudy can get to the halfway title of Information Systems Analyst.

Graduate Profile

An IT proficient is completely prepared in both mechanical viewpoints and those relating to the administration of Information Technology.

Concerning the first of them, it is in a situation to perform both in the software development exercises in the entirety of its stages, for example, the examination, plan and usage of the systems.

Concerning the executives preparing, he can lead ventures or any territory of ​​systems, overseeing assets productively.

The mission of the degree is to turn into a preparation plant for experts with wide capabilities to oversee information self-rulingly and for all time, with moral and social responsibility, that through demonstrating in computer conditions that permits the goal of genuine issues in changing and heterogeneous settings.

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