Authored by Jessie Smith

Alternatives to Nyaa

  1. Torrents of Kick Ass:

A fantastic service for downloading torrent files of movies, TV series, anime, video games, music, and other media. This, like Nyaa, offers high-quality material with a minimum file size of 1GB. To download torrents, simply go to this website and search for your desired content. Then, either click on a magnetic link or download as a file. The existence of screenshots and metadata for each and every file loaded in Kick Ass Torrents is a fantastic feature.

  1. 1337X:

In comparison to other torrent sites, 1337X has a beautiful UI and well-organized categories. Its powerful search tool scans the whole site in seconds and returns the results of your search quickly.The best part is that no unwanted adverts or pop-ups will be displayed throughout the site. There is no need to register; simply visit the site and explore and download your favourite stuff.


It contains a massive library of movies, TV series, anime, music, video games, apps, documents, apps, and other torrent files in all languages. Stream your favourite shows directly from the website. Download movies and TV shows in resolutions ranging from 720p to 4k. The UI of SkyTorrents appears to be a little complicated, yet the site is simple to browse. The disadvantage of this website is that it has obnoxious adverts and pop-ups on every page.

  1. LimeTorrents:

The site includes a massive assortment of torrent content, including movies, music, anime, video games, software, and television series. Everything related to size, upload status, quality, available peers, leechers, seeds, and movie synopsis will be prominently presented on its webpage. The best part is that it also includes subtitle files for every movie, anime, and television show. There is no need to sign up to view torrent files. Simply go to the website and select your files.

  1. ETTV:

A section for movies, television series, software, music, video games, anime, and other media. ETTV offers almost one million pages to peruse, each of which contains several torrent downloads. It must have taken years to go through all of them. If you want to view your favourite shows, you'll need to download high-resolution content. ETTV offers a fantastic variety ranging from 1080p to 4k and never sacrifices on quality.

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  • Iwapo unataka kuweka dau, lakini hujui ni mfanyabiashara gani wa kuchagua, kisha bofya kiungo hiki join na ujiandikishe kwa mtunza vitabu. Kuna mechi nyingi unaweza kuweka kamari. Kuweka kamari kunavutia sana na unaweza kushinda pesa kwa hili, kwa hivyo fuata kiungo hapo juu na uweke dau kwenye mechi.

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