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Don't Worry You can Get an ESA Letter in Florida

Are thinking of moving to Florida with your emotional support animal? If yes, then you need to know about laws and requirements for an florida esa letter. The requirements for an emotional support letter are same as in the other states. The only difference is that you will need to get this letter from Florida authorized mental health professional. The basic requirements for emotional support animal letter are as follows

A licensed mental health professional needs to determine that you are suffering from mental health problem and you need to keep your esa pet with you. The pet must be kept in the procedure of treatment. The mental illness must be diagnostic manual of mental disorders and it must be hindrance in your way for performing your day to day work.

But if you are still wondering how to get an esa you can find many services online in this regard.

The psychologist or mental health professional has to determine in the letter that an emotional support animal would help in treating the condition or it may help in easing the symptoms. Moreover, the letter must be on the therapist’s official letterhead that should include therapist’s details, issue date and state.

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**Laws for Florida **

The registration for an emotional support animal is not required in Florida, unlike michigan esa. All you need is an authentic letter from a licensed therapist.  If you fulfill all the requirements to have an esa and receive your letter, then you are eligible of taking your esa pet with you in Florida. However, there are a few limitations to these laws as well.

Esa pets does not have same access to public places as service animals have. There are certain rules for taking your esa with you out of the house as well. If you have a certain disability that you cannot move without your pet, then you can take your pet with you. But even in that case, you need to keep your esa letter with you, just in case if somebody objects on your pet, you can immediately show that letter to them. Secondly, your emotional support animal must be well behaved and calm. There are some other states also which like Illinois where you need to keep an esa illinois letter with you. where  It must not harm other if they try to pet or pass by it. If it attack anyone, then there are chances that you will lose all your privileges. 

If you want to fly with your esa, then you need to have an updated and valid esa letter that you can show to airline and get permission to bring your pet on board. You do not have to pay for pet fees as well. It is better to give prior notice to the airlines that you aim to bring your esa with you on flight. They will probably only check your esa letter and then allow you to take your esa in the cabin. 

Another perk of having an esa letter is that you can show this to your landlord and they cannot deny accommodation to you even if they have no pet policy. In case they object on your esa dog or cat, they will get in trouble because of fair housing act.  

Florida Condo associations have been making it difficult for the esa owners to live with their pet. According to them, these animals do not have any right to be called as service or emotional support animal. They even can deny legal and valid florida esa letter. The fair housing act enables you to live with your esa regardless the laws of your condo association. 

However, if you provide authentic esa letter to authorities, then you are good to go. If someone challenges you that you cannot keep your esa with you, then you can file a complaint against them and they will face penalties.  

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