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Cash App locked my account due to unusual activity

If you have noticed your account is locked, you may wonder, "Why was my account locked?" Fortunately, Cash App has many ways to resolve this issue. If you have received a suspicious phone call, it is probably because the Cash App has detected unusual activity on your account. Usually, you will receive an email or SMS to verify the transaction. In cases where you receive a suspicious phone call, you should contact Cash App support. The company may use this to prevent other scams or account hacks.

It is possible that your Cash App account locked due to unusual activity, such as using the same password. Alternatively, you may have forgotten your login credentials. To access your account again, you can contact Cash app support to have your account reopened. If you have been locked out for more than 30 days, you should contact Cash app support so that a representative can unlock your account. Follow the instructions that they give you to unlock your account.

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