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4 major components of the research gaps every college student must know

Writing an academic research paper is one of the most challenging tasks in any academic discipline. From coming up with the research idea to writing a research paper, everything has to be original and unique. In a research paper, you do not only rely on your subjective ideas and opinions but you also need to add credibility to your work. The best way to achieve it is to refer to a scholar or a scholarly article from where you have taken such an academic source.

For some students it might be a challenging task, it is only because finding a research gap in already done and completed research by an expert is quite a hectic task to perform. It means if you are new to research then you would find it a bit overwhelming and complicated, especially if you lack research skills. Luckily, you can access countless online platforms that provide paper writing service.

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With their trained and experienced professionals, these platforms can easily provide you with professionally written documents. However, developing competitive research and writing skills yourself is also important especially if you are a student. Even if the task seems challenging and beyond your capabilities, there is nothing to worry about. It is only because only a professional essay writer knows all such details.

He can guide you as well even if you need step-by-step guidelines to get started with your research gaps. When it comes to the research gap, the process can be divided into multiple phases where each would need sufficient time and focus to develop. For every essay and research paper, you need to have a topic or an original idea to work upon. In advanced writing, especially dissertations and research papers, before you work on an idea, you need the approval of your instructor or supervisor.

It is only because they are the ones who know whether a particular area needs further research or not. If I were you and I have to write my paper for me I would definitely make sure to follow this point? It is only because whenever it comes to writing a research proposal the output of a professor cannot be ignored. The more compelling and unique the proposal is, the more chances it has to get approved.

However, you need to make sure that it does offer some research gaps in previous research. Therefore, it is very important for you to consider certain points while writing proposals. There are some key components or gaps that you must know before writing your proposal. In the following sections, we have highlighted some gaps that your writings must avoid to write competitive and comprehensive proposals.

Depending upon the academic level and the type of research, the key components of proposals may vary. However, a basic research proposal must contain the following research gaps.

Four major components of the research gap

The most important aspect for you is to know a research gap in a journal article. After the selection of your topic, you need to define an area or dimension upon which you want to research. First, you need to collect several scholarly articles and skim through them instead of reading them thoroughly. It would enable you to find what is missing from all those articles. It would be the first component of a research gap that you need to determine so that you can explore it while writing your research paper. You need to make sure that do not repeat anything that has already been written in another article except for reference purposes.

You should know that the identification of a research gap is very important. If you are successful in finding such a gap only then you can write my essay on a missing link. Whenever it comes to academic research, a gap is the most important as after all, it is the gap upon which your entire research would be based. It would not only create authenticity but credibility too in your research. At the same time, you also need to look for shortcomings as you might not find the intended results thus leaving the gap, as they were before

The identification of a research gap is itself an important task that cannot be achieved by merely reading. Remember, first I suggested only skimming through the text – well you can only do that if a topic is easy. However, if you are doing scientific research then you might need to conduct some practical experiments. In this way, you can present evidence that no one had predicted before. If you get confused at some point then you should also explore other options too and the most relevant option in this regard for you could be an academic online essay writing service. You can ask them to share some useful tips or citations on a given topic.

In order to find a gap, you also need to clearly specify the boundaries within which you want to conduct your research. It may include primary and secondary research techniques. In the primary research, you need to read several books followed by conducting experiments. However, it would depend upon your academic discipline like whether it requires such experiments or not. In secondary research, you only need to read scholarly articles to determine the gaps. Your research proposal and then research paper would be based on such gaps that you need to explore in further detail.

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