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Topic Suggestions for a Descriptive Paragraph

Describing your favorite dish in detail is a great way to show off foodie skills. Whether you cook it or someone else, the best meals are always described with care and precision on how each ingredient was prepared, when they were added, their texture as well as taste like essay writer

Descriptive writing allows readers not only see but also feel what's written about come alive before them through rich description that lets people touch smell and even taste something without having to be there themselves!

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Descriptive Essay Topics on People

  • Describe your favorite person in the world
  • Describe everyone in your family
  • Describe someone you miss everyday
  • Describe what humans are to an alien who has never met or seen a person before
  • How will you describe yourself to a stranger who has never met you
  • Describe your best friend
  • Describe something you admire about the person that you like
  • The person I want to meet from the past
  • The perfect life partner for me
  • Describe a stranger who caught your attention

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Descriptive Essay Topics on a Place

  • Your favorite room in your house
  • Describe the town you grew up in
  • What does your town look like now
  • Describe the place you want to visit for a vacation
  • What does a place in your fantasies look like
  • Your childhood classroom
  • The view from your dorm window
  • The store you love visiting
  • What would a house on Mars look like
  • The most peaceful place you ever visited

Descriptive Essay Topics on Objects

  • Describe your most prized possession
  • Describe a gadget to a person from the stone age

What was your most favorite toy growing up like Essay Writer For Me

  • Describe your favorite meal
  • Describe a family heirloom
  • A piece of furniture you love spending your time on
  • Your go-to outfit
  • An item that you’ll bury in a time capsule
  • Your first tattoo
  • Your first family car

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