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network on demand

The modern business arena is evolving at a rapid rate, not least in regards to recruitment. Today’s top candidates across an array of industries now boast greater options than ever before. This is especially true when dealing with skilled network engineers, and many are switching to on-demand contracting.

As an employer needing skilled network engineers for your business projects, appreciating their view is vital. Here’s what you need to know about the appeal of on-demand jobs and how your company can use it to its advantage.

What Is On-Demand Work? The on-demand workforce describes a shift towards an open talent economy. Rather than working as a traditional employee, skilled workers can take on contracted projects. They could be temporary jobs or ongoing agreements.

While the idea of contracting is nothing new, this is a new(ish) approach. Contractors find their projects on a marketplace, like FieldEngineer, to make landing work easier than ever. This ensures that their work is as secure as traditional employment.

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