Authored by Alan Luiz

How to light a fire in the eyes of children and what does the teacher's passion have to do with it

Making children love their subject is not so easy, but still possible. If the teacher's own eyes light up when he enters the classroom or explains a new topic, this will definitely affect the children.

“Great goals cannot be achieved without enthusiasm.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

"Enthusiasm is the most contagious thing on earth" - Carlos Santana.
I believe that the skill of a teacher begins with passion for what you do, and finally takes shape in the form of excitement and enthusiasm. Even when students are not fascinated by the subject, they will be captivated by at least the fact that the teacher is passionate!
Gambling is a skill that cannot be measured and is difficult to learn. In my opinion, passion is what separates good teachers from great ones. Ask yourself the question: “Who will you choose as a mentor and teacher? A specialist full of enthusiasm, but weak in methodology, or a teacher-strategist who works “from start to finish”? Personally, I choose the first one. Why? An enthusiastic teacher can learn methodology and strategy, but lighting a fire in the heart of a burned-out teacher is next to impossible. So that the teacher does not burn out, you need to use and update your knowledge. Thus, it will kindle your heart for teaching children.
It would be wrong if I simply tell you why it is so important to maintain passion and enthusiasm in yourself, and at the same time do not reveal how to achieve this. Anthony Robbins in The Self Power Book writes how you can almost instantly change your emotional and mental state.Let's take his instructions, slightly correct them and turn them into something that will help in the teaching process.
1. “Act as if…”
I will express an idea that may seem so stupid that you want to reject it: unlike passion, excitement can be imitated! Faking excitement is so easy that I can literally put it in two words: act like an enthusiast! Even if at first everything is limited only to behavior, then something amazing happens. You will actually start to get inspired!
There is some truth in the well-known expression: "Fake until you succeed." I have a certain ritual, to start the lesson you need to prepare and enter the correct state with the help of sometimes, for example, I use an internal dialogue, sometimes I say a phrase like: “Good morning guys, it's good to see you today. Today will be interesting!
2. Change the "focal point"
You certainly know what it's like to feel like a squeezed lemon. What happens when you suddenly remember that you forgot to do something important, or when the phone suddenly rings with good news? Does your state change in a matter of seconds? Conclusion: you can move from one extreme point to another only with the help of your thought.
Teachers have enough positive and negative experiences in a day to feel energized and energized or depleted and overwhelmed. Some achieve 99% class participation and students whose eyes are burning with the desire to learn.These teachers feel successful because they use to help students understand the material. Others prefer to focus on the 1% and feel like a failure. Make a conscious decision to focus on what gives you strength! As an educator, you will always come face to face with real monsters, so stop creating new ones.
3. Spread the "virus"
Your attitude is the main and most effective tool that can influence the class. It doesn't matter what school subject it is. Your job is to teach in such a way that who you are has a more powerful and lasting effect on students than what you say. There is no immunity to gambling. Remember this.
Be sure to spread excitement and enthusiasm every day without being stingy. I guarantee that in the life of every student there are people who try to kill his enthusiasm and suppress his spirit. Infect your lessons and everything you do with enthusiasm, and then watch it spread.
1. Promise yourself that today and always you will imitate excitement and enthusiasm all your day!
2. Include a five-minute excitement in any of your lessons and write how you managed to cope with it. You don't have to write a lesson plan. Just describe in a few sentences what you did.
Driven to spread the virus of excitement!!!

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