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Understanding the Integration of Direct and Indirect Quotes in an Essay

There are different techniques to write an essay and sometimes it varies depending upon the type. Of course, you cannot follow the same principle for essay writer. There is a lot of difference between writing a narrative and an argumentative essay. You have to be sure while writing an essay as you cannot mix two methods of citation styles for one essay. It is true that the basic format for every essay is the same as it includes introduction, body, and conclusion. The main difference comes in body paragraphs where you have to add information accordingly.

When it comes to adding information in body paragraphs the importance of quotes cannot be denied. The addition of quotes mainly depends on an academic discipline and these are used in linguistics, literary analysis, and history papers as well. However, the nature of such quotes would vary in each case because sometimes you may have to Dissertation Writing Services and analyze a quote while other times you may need to use it to create authenticity in your essay. The best way to add a quote to your essay is to get help from an academic *essay writer.* In this way, you can get an excellently written essay without a chance of any potential mistake.

You should know that the addition of quotes also adds descriptive information to your essay. A quote can also be descriptive in a narrative essay while analytical in an argumentative essay. It means the addition of quotes is versatile in nature and mostly depends on essay types. Mostly the method for quotes addition is the same for all types of essays. It only changes when you are following certain citation styles. An academic research essay can only be written according to certain citations like MLA, APA, ASA, AMA, Chicago Manual, and Turabian "write my essay for me". Just make sure that you follow all guidelines mentioned in a specific format. In this post, I will try to explore different direct and indirect methods under which you can integrate quotes into your essay.

How to integrate quotes?

Before adding your quotes you should know the basic difference between direct and indirect quotes. An indirect quote or quotation means an idea that you take from another piece of writing or a journal article or book and essay writer. In such a case, you need to mention the source at the end of such a sentence. A direct quote includes the exact words that you take from someone else's writing. In such a case, you should use inverted commas for the quote and cite it properly in the end. Adding a short quote: It means quote with less than four lines, make sure that you include whole sentences. Do not break a sentence otherwise, it would lose its meaning. Do not add a quote without introducing it first and using a transition statement. You can also elaborate on a quote before writing it down; it would help the reader to get the idea. 

Use quotation marks: If you are adding a direct quote then do not forget to use quotation marks. You have to use quotation marks even if you are quoting a few words. In this way, your readers would know that you have incorporated someone else's ideas into your essay. It would add authenticity and credibility to your essay and you would be able to defend your position.

Commentary of the quote: If you are adding a quote into the English essay assignment make sure to make it relevant. You can do it by adding an explanation and what the author is trying to say in the respective quote. Sometimes it is required because it creates clarity and gives meaning to your essay.

Topic sentence: It means the first few lines of each paragraph, this statement usually tells the reader what the paragraph is about and how it has discussed an issue. Your quote should link with the topic sentence for clarity. You can also hire a *thesis writing service* service it would help you to write an essay. If you have any doubts then you can ask an academic *essay writing service* to help you out as they provide a free consultation.

Paragraphing: If you want to incorporate someone else's ideas into your free essay writer then you have to paraphrase and write them down. Make sure that you do not lose the original meaning otherwise its purpose would not be fulfilled. Your paraphrased words should be linked with the thesis statement and topic sentence. Using this method, you can incorporate evidence in your essay without quoting anyone.

Indented: Make sure that every quote is indented meaning you should leave one-inch space on every first line of the quote if you are using MLA citation then it would be double indented if the words limit of your quote is more than fifty words.

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