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The role of educators in your child's education

I can understand a teacher who, teaching a first grader, understands that he has a very difficult child in front of him, he is guaranteed to give pepper to the whole school at puberty. As a result, this teacher behaves with him differently than with everyone else, giving him special tasks and special assignments, paying him more attention than anyone else. Because he who is warned is armed.

But I can hardly understand a person who from the very beginning diagnosed a child (for example, “little bastard”) and all the rest of the years behaves with him just like with a bastard who, growing up, turns into an adult bastard. Exactly because, according to the Rosenthal / Pygmalion effect, who was raised, then grew. But it is important to understand what was invested in the child. If, when he was studying, they invested in him so that he would develop, then there will be a result from this in the future. If you have had the help of Bid for writing when writing your paper, then your child may grow up to be a good writer. It will also help him in learning.

Now let's look at the second category. About those who always and in everyone sees only light. It seems that these are just the ideal teachers, perhaps these are the people parents want to see at school. But here it is important to understand what is actually behind this or that kind word. If this is a sincere desire to help children, stimulating the development of only their best qualities, encouraging only good deeds and ignoring bad ones, then it’s time to talk about some kind of Christian virtue.If this is just a role played by an ordinary living person who perfectly sees and knows that the child has committed a vile act, but it is imperative to play a good policeman, sorry, teacher, then this humanism is actually exaggerated, dubious, because insincere.

Here we are dealing with a situation in which many thousands of educators find themselves (and not only, by the way)

Because, due to certain stereotypes, they seem to have to keep the brand, but in fact their thoughts and actions do not correspond to each other. “Don't judge a child by his actions! they say enthusiastically. “Deeds may be bad, but the boy himself is good!” Although the thought is spinning in their head: “Oh, because of you I am forced to make a saint in front of my colleagues here!”. No matter how they say, but if the child is not able to do homework, then what will be his internal state? To do this, it is important to help the child with homework and at the same time use the essay help service, which will effectively help in writing written papers. In this way, you will be able to raise a child from the inside as a good writer, which will be expressed in his actions. Because what he thinks will influence his actions.

Returning to the very beginning of our conversation, I just want to say: the teacher told the boy Nurbek in vain that he was a sheep and a dumbass. And his mom too. A real teacher (who is not a teacher, but a Teacher) is distinguished from everyone else by the belief that any child is capable of becoming better. And knowing exactly how to help him get better.For example, if you use custom essay writing when writing a written work and help your child do their homework, then you will do much better in the field of your child's education. And we already have enough hunters to pass a sentence, they say, “Izya is a coward and an informer, lackeys grow out of such people.” You just try to make Izya himself want to become brave and stop informing on his comrades! And here you can’t do without faith in all the best that is in it, and without professional knowledge, skills and abilities! This is what makes a teacher a teacher. And not just subject competencies.

The trouble is that faith is a very thin matter, which is easily torn and does not grow together well. Having lost it once, it is extremely difficult to get it back again. Therefore, you have to work simply on the machine, seeing future losers, libertines, criminal elements and drunkards in front of you, but not finding the strength to believe that you are able to help them become different ...

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