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Cloud architect salary

Once you have passed the certification exam, this qualification opens up a lot of new job opportunities to you, some of which you have probably never even thought about. Some of the world’s most innovative companies in big data couldn’t accomplish anything without the help of AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform Certified Solutions Architects. According to data from PayScale, the average salary for a cloud architect is $124,923 per year, with a reported salary range between $82,309 to $185,208 per year depending on experience, location and skills.

Cloud architects are responsible for communicating with vendors to negotiate third-party contracts for hardware, software and other cloud technologies. It’s a constantly evolving field, and the job requires someone who can stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. If you’re just starting out in your career and you have your sights set on becoming a cloud architect, you can attend a master’s program specializing in the field. There are also a variety of certification and professional development programs you can choose from. If you already have an IT background or the right skillset for a cloud architect, you can look into one of these professional certifications to boost your resume:

AWS Certified Solutions Architect: Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most-used cloud services in the industry. This certification establishes your skills when it comes to managing AWS applications and infrastructure. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect: Google’s cloud architect certification asses your ability to design, plan, manage and provision cloud solution architecture and infrastructure. It also covers security and compliance, analysis and optimization of cloud architecture. More info: annual maintenance contract

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