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control your IT costs

To truly compare the cost of IT service contracts, you need to fully understand what is and isn’t included. You should review the SLA (service level agreement) carefully. One IT support provider may appear far less expensive than another until you closely examine what support includes.

And don’t forget the “small stuff” that can mean additional service charges…

Is phone support and e-mail help desk included or extra? What about 3rd-party software support? (We recommend that you do include this) What are the costs/consequences of early cancellation? What if you aren’t happy with their services? Do they offer a money-back guarantee? Are off-site or cloud backups included? To what degree? If you have a major disaster, is restoring your network included or will it cost extra? What about on-site support calls? Or support to remote offices? Are home PCs used for remote work included? THE FINAL WORD ON IT SUPPORT PRICING As computer networks become ever more complex, it has never been more critical to ensure your network is monitored and protected 24/7/365. Getting the best value for your IT dollars is easy when you choose the right IT support and pricing structure. More Info: Remote Workers

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