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ips pay scale

IoT Communications is a new promise by 5G which will allow every device to be connected, operated and monitored through the internet, based on the low latency provided by the network. The Service Provider will be expected to deliver to its customers not only the connectivity but also the telemetry analysis as a layer above that. In addition, in order to ensure the low latency required, Service Providers are expected to lean heavily on Edge Computing, i.e. deployment of computation resources closer to where the IoT devices are located. And, of course, here too, this application of 5G brings with it a whole set of new security threats. IoT devices will require zero-trust policy tailored per device, using real time threat intelligence, and on-device runtime protection against zero-day attacks, regardless of how or where the device is deployed. IoT manufacturers and developers will also have to protect their devices against firmware flaws and vulnerabilities, enforce policies at the device level and differentiate their offering. More Info: ips pay scale

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