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# Learn Quran Classes
Learn Quran Classes Academy is an Online Quran learning Academy for Adults – Male, Female. Which have been set up with an idea to pursue the teachings of the Holy Quran using the latest digital technology. We all know to learning the Quran by itself
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<p>Urdu Language...It&rsquo;s one of the official languages of Pakistan, but it&rsquo;s also spoken by millions of people around the world, both as a first language and as a second language. If you&rsquo;re interested in learning Urdu, you may feel frustrated that there isn&rsquo;t enough high-quality material out there to teach you how to speak, read, and write this beautiful language! Don&rsquo;t worry! You&rsquo;ve come to the right place... <a href="">Learn Urdu</a></p>
<p>Today I&rsquo;m excited to share our new app, Urduloo, which we developed using Storyline 360. We created Urduloo so that learning a new language could be as easy and fun as possible. It&rsquo;s designed to teach you common vocabulary and commonly used phrases in a language of your choice through different mini games, with each game targeting one of these skill sets.</p>
<h3>What is Duolingo?</h3>
<p>Duolingo is a free language-learning program that uses games to teach you how to speak, read, and write in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian. Duolingo is available as a website or for iOS/Android. If you&rsquo;re thinking about learning one of these languages but don&rsquo;t know where to start&mdash;start here. With Duolingo&rsquo;s clear lessons and constant feedback on your progress you can master these languages without needing textbooks or classes.</p>
<h3>How Duolingo Works</h3>
<p>It&rsquo;s easy to understand why Duolingo is so popular: it offers you a fun and effective way to learn how to speak another language. It does all of that without making you feel like you&rsquo;re in a classroom or on homework duty. The learning platform brings together two powerful tools: immersion and social motivation.</p>
<h3>The Best Way to Use Duolingo</h3>
<p>Are you trying to learn a new language? Duolingo is an award-winning, free app that teaches you through interactive mini games. But don&rsquo;t get too focused on learning&mdash;these activities are so fun and addictive, you might just forget what you&rsquo;re doing it for in the first place. At least, that&rsquo;s happened to me...</p>
<h3>How to Play the Mini Games</h3>
<p>Though a few of these games are straightforward, like Crossword and Anagram, most require players to think in unique ways. To play Hangman, for example, enter a letter at each prompt&mdash;but leave out some letters along the way. The game is over when you run out of letters; your score depends on how many letters were guessed correctly. Likewise, in Typing Challenge, you must type words spelled by random letters; your score depends on how quickly you can respond to different word requests.</p>
<h3>Tips on Studying and Improving While Playing Duolingo</h3>
<p>Did you know that while playing Duolingo you can study and improve your language skills? Did you know that there are specific strategies to help ensure you&rsquo;re improving during your language lessons? This guide offers tips on how to improve and study effectively when using Duolingo.<a href="">&nbsp;urdu Language</a></p>
<h3>Pros and Cons of Using Duolingo for Languages Other Than English</h3>
<p>There are a lot of very enthusiastic, highly satisfied customers using Duolingo for languages other than English. It&rsquo;s not perfect, though. You don&rsquo;t get to see your target language at all until you reach some level of fluency in your own language. As a result, you won&rsquo;t get as much practice reading and writing as you would on other methods, but in exchange for that lack of experience, you can learn conversational skills from day one.</p>
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