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The heart of heaven moved back to the Tibetan Sword Tower in an instant, and the thing that the earth immortal regarded as a treasure was temporarily let go gently by him. On the contrary, it was the huge reserves of purple light stone that could be excavated only a few kilometers deep that attracted his attention, and what he needed now was this kind of pure material energy spar similar to the lower grade dragon crystal. Because there are not many dragon crystals on his body, most of them are left on the earth, and some of them are left on the heavy stars. Especially the heavy star, in addition to the best dragon crystal itself is less, leaving not much. The top-grade and middle-grade dragon crystals in the interdimensional space are left behind. In the future, if it is popularized, the inferior dragon crystal in Gan Kun Jie will definitely not be enough. There is also that cave, which also aroused his interest, it is a natural treasure land, a little work, can become a cave in the eyes of Taoists. Become the secret base of the Tibetan Sword Immortal Sect. A month passed in a flash, and Tianxin finally did not set up the two-instrument dust flag gate to escape, but contracted the boundary to the body of the Tibetan Sword Pagoda. The courtyard walls around the martial arts field were removed, and a main road was opened leading to the Tibetan Sword Pagoda,<a href="">Pallet rack upright</a>, and the gate at the beginning of the main road was widened. The five characters of Linyang Martial Arts Training Hall have become the four magnificent characters of "Tibetan Sword Immortal School". The Tibetan Sword Pagoda is within a radius of kilometers. There are rockeries, green water, flowers and trees in the Xianjing Square. Every night, the crystal lights everywhere emit colorful glass dream colors, which is a pleasant night scene. The Tibetan Sword Immortal Sect did not start with a big fanfare. Tianxin did not know anyone in the Immortal Sect. Now he is basically the commander of the bare rod. The Lin brothers and sisters have been training hard for a month. With the help of Peidan, they have a good foundation. It had only reached the level of the second stage of internal energy; Tenzang and the five or six little beggars he had brought back had eaten Peiyuan Dan and were wandering in the first stage of internal energy. Under such circumstances,<a href="">Steel racking system</a>, the opening of the Tibetan Sword Immortal Sect is naturally shabby. Lin Zhengyang and Lin Boer invited the foreign affairs disciples of the only four immortals in the town of Huaxian, but none of them had a sound beforehand. The sudden founder of the school did not like it. Even Xishui, the foreign affairs disciple of Chongyang immortals, who had a "loving heart" for Lin Boer, was unable to attend for some reason. But the other nine martial arts schools in the town sent people to congratulate them, but in fact they were inquiring, because even the Xiaoxian faction was better than them. But how much? They need to know. There is no immortal gate to congratulate. But there was a large crowd of onlookers. In addition to the thousands of original members of the Linyang Martial Arts Training Hall, all the idlers, busybodies, and children in the town have arrived. In the sound of firecrackers, the Tibetan Sword Immortal Sect announced its establishment. Lin Zhengyang presided over the ceremony. Tianxin appeared for a few minutes and accepted the younger brothers and sisters to see him as the master. The heart of heaven folded his fists around, and then flew up, <a href="">heavy duty racking system</a> ,<a href="">Drive in racking system</a>, with his clothes fluttering. As they looked up, he pinched the magic formula and removed the camouflage. They saw the huge Tibetan Sword Fairy Pagoda falling from the sky and slowly falling to the ground. As dusk approached, the entire Tibetan Sword Pagoda looked resplendent in gold and jade. The most wonderful thing was that after the Tibetan Sword Pagoda fell to the ground, it seemed to touch something, and the surrounding kilometers of the Tibetan Sword pagoda also lit up. Many people fell in love with the elegant environment, bathed in colorful, and only felt dreaming. Because there is no technology in Wandian Bie Jian, it has been using a very pure resin oil for a long time. Every night, although the town has it, it is like a firefly, a little light is not enough, and everyone is silent in the dark. At first sight of this means, naturally thought it was a means of immortals. The thousands of members of the Linyang Martial Arts Training Hall, who were originally lacking in confidence, were immediately overjoyed. And the staff of the nine martial arts training halls who came to watch the ceremony were a little tongue-tied. The Tibetan Sword Immortal Sect opened today, and people can't help practicing the magic of immortals. You can come to the pagoda to learn at any time. Ask Younger Martial Brother Zhengyang, Younger Martial Sister Boer, and Younger Martial Brother Tianzang for specific matters! Tianxin finished speaking in a loud voice, and then faded away in the eyes of the people in the square who could hear it clearly. The effect he wants has been achieved. After the appearance of the Tibetan Sword Pagoda, almost all the people in Huaxian Town are rushing here to see what's going on! The four high-profile foreign affairs disciples of the Immortal Gate and the person in charge were surprised to see the colorful light in the direction of Lin Yang's martial arts training hall. This is clearly the strength of a great immortal faction! They kind of regret being rude.
After Tianxin left, Lin Zhengyang relayed. Facing the crazy crowd, he exhaled in a deep voice, and his voice was melodious. "Ladies and gentlemen, today we are the founder of the Tibetan Sword Immortal Sect. The elder brother in charge of teaching is benevolent and courteous. We have decided to open the basic immortal formula. All those present can come to study freely, or they can live in the Tibetan Sword Immortal Sect to practice specially." "All right," roared the crowd. Cultivating immortals has long been a common practice in other realms, but the immortal gate is hard to enter, and the immortal formula is hard to find. So many people have to stop. Hidden Sword Fairy Gate They were overjoyed by the immortal formula. The firm Taoist faced the Tibetan Sword Pagoda. They were persistent in cultivating immortals. Without the immortal formula, they entered the Tao with martial arts all their lives. But it was not easy. Some of them died of old age without grasping a little immortal spirit and died of hatred. Standing on the top of the Tibetan Sword Pagoda, Tianxin is very satisfied with anything. Once it becomes popular, there is no need to publicize it too much. And he didn't have to waste his breath to explain the truth of the eight-step mental formula, because there were too many people who knew the goods, and now these people were looking at the rubbings in the square and practicing them. This night, Huaxian town is boiling. Tens of thousands of people almost poured into the Tibetan Sword Square. Enjoy the colorful lights there, enjoy the excitement of the crowd there, and experience the beauty of the basic immortal formula of Tibetan sword there. The entrance of the first floor of the Tibetan Sword Pagoda. Lin Bo'er, Tianzang and the deacons of the original Linyang Martial Arts Training Hall are busy selling the basic immortal formula of the Tibetan Sword. Sister Bo, can we women learn? "Yes.". Learn to be able to stay in the face and fly. "Then give me a copy." 'Good. Don't forget to come to the square at ten o'clock every morning to listen to the explanation. It's only a month. If you miss it,<a href="">Pallet rack beams</a>, you can only consult others or grope for it yourself, instead of paying for an annotated copy. "Remember!" Silver bells and laughter floated in the square. Let the men see straight eyes! This is also a scene! Since then, Tibetan Sword Square has become the most popular place in Huaxian Town. Give him a taste of his own medicine. <a href=""></a>
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