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"Why?"? For Linglong? He shook his head and smiled. "Why don't you believe what I say?"? Linglong and I were in the past before Lan Mushui. On the issue of our relationship, there is no need for Lan Mushui to hate me. Niuniu said, "It was Lan Mushui who told Ding Lingling that he would personally avenge Linglong. How did Linglong die?". He's going to let the killer die. Ling Ling heard that Lan Mushui asked you to come to the Lotus Pond. She was so nervous! A Zhe smiles: "Do you think Lan Mushui will think I am a murderer?"? Don't worry, he's not that retarded. Three dark lines came down from Niuniu's head: Why. What he means is, the cop who targeted him as a suspect is retarded? Zhe walked to a dry meadow beside the pond. Sit down in your spare time. He patted the seat beside him and invited Niuniu to sit. I've been admiring the cool guy in the bar to perform the bartending show. Can have the opportunity to sit beside him, Niuniu is still very happy, it is estimated that tonight back to the sheep said, this girl must be jealous eyes are green! The clouds are light and the wind is light, the autumn insects are singing, the moonlight is like water, and the water is sparkling. A Zhe probably stayed in the police station for a day today. The indignation of being detained and the depression of being questioned made him have an impulse to talk to a stranger like Niuniu. Zhe looked at the shadow of the moon in the pond and said, "My favorite place with Linglong is the Lotus Pond. In the past, on moonlit nights, we would sit by the pond for an hour or two. Linglong always said that the pond under the moonlight was the most beautiful place in Qingling River Town, where she would never leave." Niuniu felt a burst of fear in his heart, and his scalp tingled: Sure enough, Linglong didn't leave until she died! Did the man who killed her also know this, so that he could help her? Niuniu was a little afraid to look at Ah Zhe's face. She was afraid that his face would be like a scene in a horror movie. All of a sudden, he turned from a beautiful man to a twisted face of a psychopathic killer,<a href="">heavy duty warehouse rack</a>, and his hands twitched at her! However, Ah Zhe has always been calm and peaceful. Miss Ann, you see, from this angle, does the lotus pond under the moon look like a fairyland on earth? Niuniu looked down his finger and felt that there were countless evil spirits wandering in the dark and waiting for an opportunity to come out.
Niuniu buried his head and said in a small voice, "Ah Zhe, isn't there a legend in the town?" About the pond ghost? A Zhe smiles: "How is the girl's imagination so rich?"? At this point,<a href="">warehouse rack manufacturer</a>, Linglong is very different, she likes to walk around the pond, there is no one to accompany, are very happy and calm, I also asked, she is not afraid of the pond female ghost, her answer is laughing, and then told me, in fact, she is the female ghost.. A Zhe's eyes were covered with a layer of fog: "Linglong is such a woman who can give you unexpected surprises at any time and anywhere." This kind of surprise has attracted me for a long time. Later, I finally understand that surprise gives people shock, but can not give people happiness, I am a plain mortal, <a href="">Pallet rack supplier</a> ,<a href="">Narrow aisle rack</a>, shock is not suitable for my life, for me, as long as I live a happy life is enough! Niuniu thought, "Is Linglong an amazing person?"? I heard Ling Ling describe her as a very low-key, modest, beautiful and quiet girl. Zhe looked at the moon and sighed, "Maybe a woman with a man is different from her face with a woman." You see, even Linglong's death is in such a surprising and shocking way. Sometimes I can't help thinking that perhaps Linglong herself is watching all this coldly in some unknown place, laughing to herself at the chaos and shock she has caused! Niuniu can not help but creepy: "ah?"? Laugh? What is she laughing at? "Laugh at our stupidity, fear and ignorance.." An unknown water bird suddenly flew out of the reeds, "quack" and startled Niuniu into a cold sweat! Postscript: The dividing line is about to start, upload before departure, tomorrow is still on a business trip, stop for a day! Continue on Thursday! I wish you all a happy mood! Chapter 38 Moonlight over the Lotus Pond (middle). By the Lotus Pond, Ah Zhe told Niuniu about Linglong, saying that when she claimed to be a female ghost in the pond, Niuniu could not help but feel cold all over her body. She could not help but look left and right, surrounded by swarthy reeds, blowing with the wind in the moonlight, rustling leaves, and unknown waterfowl singing from time to time, the voice was sad and loud, always frightened Niuniu a shiver, she sat close to Ah Zhe, eager to bury her head in the grass. Zhe's voice was getting deeper and deeper. "Linglong lives alone, and her house is near the water. She lives by day and by night.". I know that people in the town secretly call her Nie Xiaoqian, and I think so, especially when she walks by the pond with her long hair flying, cold and gorgeous, giving people a cold breath of death.. Niuniu imagined this picture, she clasped her arms, upper and lower teeth began to fight, she must change a topic, and then continue to talk about Nie Xiaoqian and female ghosts, she may not be able to suppress, shouting to run away. Niuniu squeezed out a voice from between his teeth: "Why is Lan Mushui looking for you today?"? You said he didn't think you were a suspect? Zhe looked at the shadow of the moon on the water and smiled: "Another man who indulges in the charm of Linglong, another poor man who falls into the trap of Linglong's gentleness, another confused person who wants to find out what kind of woman Linglong is.." Niuniu was stunned: "Ah Ah Zhe smiled coldly:" Lan Mushui and Linglong have been in love for more than a year. When they were in love, the time was calculated. Linglong and I haven't broken up yet! " "Then, does Lan Mushui also know this?"? How did he find you? "Linglong's role-playing on his side is also very successful. On that stage, Linglong is a capable, strong, beautiful and fashionable white-collar beauty. She is Lan Mushui's right-hand man. Lan Mushui loves her role.". . Wonderful book ∧ net so That's all she let him know. Speaking of why Lan Mushui found me to understand the situation of Linglong,<a href="">Cantilever Storage rack</a>, um. The reason why he came to me is the same as why you came to me in Qingling River Town. It's very convenient to find out about me and my bar. "Oh, that is to say, Lan Mushui came to you because he knew about your relationship with Linglong?" 。 <a href=""></a>
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