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He Zhen immediately smiled and said, "He Ling, I came here this time to invite you to my place." She smiled and was very sincere. "Sister has something good to show you." And the bell raised his eyebrows: "Good thing?"? But it's cold outside! Besides, is there anything good you can't bring over? She blinked her big eyes. He Zhen scolded his mother in his heart, but he still said, "Oh, I just can't take it!"! You go with the elder sister, the elder sister promises you won't be disappointed, go, let your servant girl stay here, we go, our sisters haven't been together for a long time, talk about private words together! All right? Sister Ling! These days, you have been estranged from your sister, who really does not know what she has done wrong, walk, let's have a good chat! And the bell think, and really this is a fool, even if you want to calculate people, but also to pave the way for it, now this is what kind of ah! She thought, each other do not like so long, suddenly say some good words, he will immediately unprepared to go with her, but also without a servant girl,<a href="">Amber Dropper Bottles</a>, this is not stupid! Only He Ling stood up. "Well, all right!" And the real face on a happy: "that walk!" " Come up to hold and bell, and bell Jiao smile, "good!"! Sister, don't pull me, let's go! He Ling is so easy to cheat. He Zhenzheng is very happy. He Ling slowly put on his cloak and straightened his hair. "Don't let me down, fourth sister!" Her words mean something, but and really did not understand, she smiled: "Nature will not let you down!" " 、96|1015 And really didn't think and bell would be so easy to cheat,<a href="">30ml Dropper Bottle</a>, she was very proud, wish there were thousands of ways to deal with and bell, let her miserable, this is her most sincere hope, the same has a merchant woman's mother, she will never let and bell than her noble a cent, a cent is impossible. Sister Ling, in fact, I have always wanted to ask you, why are you suddenly cold to me! But what did my sister do wrong? He Zhen was about to cry. He Ling watched her acting and laughed, but he didn't want to be perfunctory. "Sister is not so sincere to me. In that case, I'd better not stick your cold buttocks with a hot face." What she said made her really angry, but even so, she put up with it and said with an aggrieved face, "Sister, how can you not like Sister Ling? I don't know who provoked you, but you should know that in my heart, <a href="">Empty Glass Foundation Bottle</a> ,<a href="">cosmetic packaging wholesale</a>, we are the real sisters.". To tell you the truth, Xue and I have provoked each other on my side. My sister is ashamed that she has said something that is not good for you. But I am not sincere. I just want to perfunctory her. The relationship between our sisters can not become unfamiliar because of some villains, right? And the bell seemed to smile, "it's really hard for the fourth sister." It's hard for you to put on an act like that! But and really did not hear her overtones, only when she believed herself, more and more happy! Speak, two people also said and true room, and true push the door: "Come in!" " She had sent out the two maids because she wanted to cheat and bell. But as soon as they entered the door, Hezhen was a little dull. Somehow, the window of her room was open, and Master Xie, who had been hiding in the room and was ready to fight with the bell as soon as he entered the door, was not there. She froze. And the bell is waiting for them to start, just look and really so, know probably out of the variables, in fact, Chu Yun has been with her side, just walk on the roof, did not let and really found it. If Hezhen and Xie Erye fight, then the scandal will be discovered, only the two of them, not the bell, but now, the old man hiding in the house! And the bell is a little confused! He Zhen relaxed for a moment and was about to close the window. He Ling said faintly behind her, "What is my sister going to show me?"! Didn't you say you couldn't take it? Can I see it now? There was nothing there, but it was just a means for her to cheat him and the bell! She originally did not want to come up with anything, anyway, when the time comes and the bell was bullied, make trouble, and the bell shame, she did not admit it! No one can stand her.
But now, originally should be the room that is full of ecstasy how the window is wide open, and the person that hides here originally, also saw! She made a gesture to close the window and looked at the incense burner. The incense that had been lit was gone. The spice could not only make people drowsy, but also add to the fun. In fact, a thousand pieces of gold are hard to find, but now everything is gone. "Why does the fourth sister look so ugly?" He Zhen looked back and stared at him bitterly. "Everything is your fault, isn't it?" She could only think of this, if not for this, how could people disappear. Besides, there is no reason to follow her alone with the bell! Thinking like this, she felt more and more that it was the ghost of the bell: "I said how did you follow me? I had prepared for it. You little bitch, you are so cunning." When a thief cries "stop thief!"! He Ling was amused by her. She had never seen such a righteous person who did bad things. She stepped forward, pinched He Zhen's chin, and said coldly, "Fourth Sister, are you out of your mind?" He Zhen was about to break free, but suddenly she found that he Ling's strength was amazing. She continued with a sneer, "I'm still waiting for you to set me up!"! Come on! Do you think I'm really afraid of you? Chu and true, call you a four elder sister, I am polite, not I really think you deserve me to call you! Do you know? Of all the sisters in this family, I hate you most, more than I hate snow! It is said that dogs don't bark when they bite people, and you are really like that. Snow and I are not in harmony. It's normal that she doesn't like me. I helped you like that,<a href="">Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle</a>, but what did you do? You just thought about how to set me up. Is it interesting for you? Or do you think you can calculate me? When you don't have a brain, don't do stupid things, or you won't know how to die! 。 <a href=""></a>
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