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I frowned, "No, no, I have to take advantage of these two days of leisurely work, and quickly raise the spirit.". In a few days, the overall plan of the technical department will come out, and there will be a lot of mess to deal with, and I think there will be no chance for self-cultivation. Ye Chen has been on a business trip for more than half a month, and I am finally willing to take medicine obediently. Does this count as caring about him? It is said that people who do not often take medicine, once they take medicine on time, the disease will be cured very quickly. After taking medicine for two days, the cold that has been delayed for a long time will be completely cured. Women really have to love themselves. Cure the disease, get up in the morning and look forward to the beautiful sun tomorrow. Who would have thought that when I walked into the 31st floor early in the morning, I saw all my colleagues in a hurry, as if facing a formidable enemy. I am at a loss, is it possible that I have no information and the sky is falling? This is a big problem, and the most taboo for IT is information impassability. Want to look for a person to ask, open the door of the office, do not see several subordinates,<a href="">gold CIP machine</a>, I thought, pick up the cup to walk to the tea room. As soon as I reached the corner, I heard a conversation coming from inside. My usual right-hand men are all hiding in the geomantic place to "communicate business", even male colleagues can not avoid vulgarity, alas, the power of gossip is hard to imagine. I slowed down and stopped at the corner. I can't stand Bai Jie on the 29th floor. Yesterday I went to get the document, but I didn't use my nostrils to vent my anger on me. The clear voice is Xiao Liu's voice. A male voice answers: "Endure,<a href="">magnetic separator machine</a>, the family has big prince to back up behind, drag normal also.". Do you think everyone is as easy to get along with as Manager Lin? "That's true. In today's world, everyone talks about ability and no longer talks about seniority. Miss Lin is so capable and open-minded that it's possible to jump as high as she wants.". It's not like some people who only know how to play official power. The clear female voice is Yin Shasha. Manager Bai is holding a chicken feather as an arrow. It is said that she instigated the personnel department to lay off employees this time. It makes everyone feel insecure. Do you think it will come at us? Xiao Qin asked timidly. Layoffs? I know what the big deal is, so it is. It's good to have a sense of crisis, but I don't like to calculate and get tired. Anyone who wants to play tricks, just take it. I'm not sure. She used to be the pioneer department of the group. Since Manager Lin was transferred to the administrative department, it's not her turn to claim credit. This time, the chairman praised Manager Lin and Manager Fu by name at the meeting. Bai Jie is not the only one who suffers from pinkeye. Do you think we should be careful? The analysis is quite thorough, and it deserves to be the fast-talking LISA in the Ministry. "Good morning, Miss Lin. Why do you come here to pour water?" Xiao Liu was sharp-eyed and the fastest to react. When he saw me appear, he immediately stood up and said good morning kindly and sweetly. By the way, he stopped the mystery of the gossip vanguard. Leaning against the door and looking around the crowd, I smiled: "Good morning, there is no water in the water dispenser. Please change a bucket for me later." Lingyun nodded and answered me: "OK." "Thank you." I smile, <a href="">coltan ore processing</a> ,<a href="">chrome washing machine</a>, put on the most friendly smiling face: "You communicate early in the morning, what business is so mysterious ah?" People saw that I did not have the slightest sense of blame, but with strong interest, simply took out their baby's breakfast from the cabinet in the tea room and divided it among me, and Xiao Qin even gave up his place to chat with me about gossip. Miss Lin, I heard that there is a new layoff plan? Has the list been drawn up at the temporary meeting yesterday? Xiao Qin, who has been in the company for a year and is the youngest in the administrative department, asked tentatively. Glancing sideways at her, I dipped the biscuit in the milk. Yes, the layoffs are not groundless, and the impromptu meeting did mention the possibility of layoffs, but that's just possible. How can it be so fast? They are so well informed that even the news at the high-level meeting travels so fast. When Xiao Qin saw that I didn't answer, he thought there was really a disaster coming. Then he chattered, "The personnel department has been clamoring for layoffs. Last time Vice General Manager Ma left, and this time I don't know which department will suffer."? The people in the power branch over there always regard us as an eyesore. Aren't you unwilling to lose to Miss Lin recently? I heard that Manager Bai of the Electric Power Branch has a good relationship with the Personnel Director. If he comes to us, how should we deal with it? I looked at everyone with a smile. A confident smile can infect others in many cases. Being a boss, self-confidence and calmness are absolutely effective in appeasing subordinates and stabilizing the morale of the troops.
"Hum, just come. Is Miss Lin still afraid of them?"? "Manager Bai is clamoring to suppress us to take the place of Miss Lin. With her ability, she is not afraid to laugh off others." LISA interface continues the topic of Xiaoqin, hitting the nail on the head, but a little too much. When the news was successful, I put down the glass of milk and said, "Do your job well. What's there to worry about?"? Thank you for your breakfast. I'll invite you to KTV another day. LISA's words are very useful, but anyone who has seen The Deer and the Cauldron should remember that Wei Xiaobao has a famous saying: Only those who do not flatter are truly capable people. Besides, how can a person like me, who knows the essence of flattery, be confused by small tricks. People laughed when they heard my words. KTV is their favorite entertainment after work. Xiaoqin, the quotation of the Ministry of Commerce has come out, and you have verified it and sent it upstairs to Manager Fu of the Ministry of Finance for stamping. Reminding my little sister not to forget work, I got up and went back to the office. Sitting back at my desk and thinking about everyone's words, a big tree catches the wind. Although I try to make people around me feel that I am kind and harmless, and have the intention to create a better tomorrow, there are still people who don't like me. Bai Jie is an example. Raising her hands to massage her temples, Bai Jie is not the kind of woman who regards acrimony as profundity and arrogance as boldness of vision. With her ability and arrogance, she disdains to hate me for a little credit. Is it true, as a certain magazine has said, that all women in the world are peers, and since ancient times, peers have been jealous of each other? I can understand being jealous emotionally. Why bother to fight each other at work? Headache, tomorrow received Ye Chen asked him to help me think about this profound problem, too lazy to worry about it. When I got home in the evening, I grabbed the teddy bear and held it as if I were holding Ye Chen. Turn on the TV and watch the news broadcast. Er, there is a rare meteor shower today? Unfortunately,<a href="">tin beneficiation plant</a>, there is rain in C city, and I can't see it. Suddenly I had an impulse to call him. Chen, what are you doing? I asked him when I heard the melodious saxophone music over there. Listen to music in the room. He answered softly. Since when do you like to wander alone? Are you learning from me? I'm in such a good mood that I don't doubt it. <a href=""></a>
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